NHS IMAS offers National Health Service (NHS) organisations that need short or medium term support, the means to access the management expertise that exists throughout the NHS.

Intensive Support Teams

From 1 April 2016, the Intensive Support Teams became part of NHS Improvement and can be contacted on 0300 123 3432 or NHSI.ElectiveIST@nhs.net / NHSI.EmergencyIST@nhs.net


NHS Improvement brings together Monitor, NHS Trust Development Authority, Patient Safety, the National Reporting and Learning System, the Advancing Change Team and the Intensive Support Teams.

All the below information and tools will be available on the NHS Improvement website shortly.

NHS IMAS had incorporated the Intensive Support Teams (ISTs) since April 2009. The Teams specialise in Urgent and Emergency Care, Elective Care and Cancer, focusing on improving performance, quality assurance and programme enhancement. Assignments typically include working with local health communities jointly to diagnose areas for performance improvement; supporting implementation planning and delivery; and transferring knowledge to produce sustainable and resilient solutions.

By encouraging the adoption of known good practice in a consistent and accessible way, the NHS IMAS Intensive Support Teams have had a major impact across the country by reducing performance variation, increasing and maintaining focus on key performance priorities and enhancing constructive working relationships across local health communities. Patient safety and experience is the main focus of the Intensive Support Teams. They also have a strong emphasis on joint solutions and collaborative working which is received positively from clinicians and managers.

Apart from its field work across the NHS in England, the ISTs also provide a wide range of value added activities, which include specialist workshops; a range of publications on implementation issues; and contributions to the development of national policy.

To discuss how the Intensive Support Team can assist your organisation, please contact the Business Support Team on 0300 123 3432.

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I found the Intensive Support Team visit approach excellent! Challenging yet supportive and participatory, creating an entirely appropriate ambience.

GP and recent National Clinical Director for Primary Care