NHS IMAS offers National Health Service (NHS) organisations that need short or medium term support, the means to access the management expertise that exists throughout the NHS.

Corporate Documents

In this section we have included our publications that give you a broad overview of our strategic direction, an indication of how we are performing and the type of services we offer.

NHS IMAS Annual Report 2016-17

NHS IMAS Business Plan 2017-18

NHS IMAS Corporate Brochure



NHS IMAS product information

The documents below give further information on specific NHS IMAS products:

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Opportunities_for_clinicians.pdf Opportunities_for_clinicians.pdf  195 KB 03-06-15 10:03

Case Studies

Please view case study archives here

Pool Member Development

NHS IMAS regularly hold webinar sessions for its pool members. As of July, recordings of these will be published here. See below for the latest Webinar:

The Emergency Care Improvement Programme (ECIP) recently delivered a Webinar for NHS IMAS pool members focusing on improving patient flow. The Webinar will take you through the recently published Good practice guide: Focus on improving patient flow - https://improvement.nhs.uk/resources/good-practice-guide-focus-on-improving-patient-flow/ as well as providing practical examples of good practice. To View this recording, please click here.

14th July 2017 - Breaking the cycle is about sites and wider health and care systems that are consistently under pressure focussing for one week to ‘re-calibrate’, to see and feel what ‘good looks like’ and rapidly testing and implementing change. To view this recording, please click here.

If you have any feedback or would like any further information, please contact NHS IMAS at nhs.imas@nhs.net.


Big Splash is our regular newsletter for all NHS IMAS members and key stakeholders. It contains news and information about NHS IMAS including case studies, pool member development opportunities and more. If you have any feedback or would like to be featured in one of our case studies,
please contact us at NHS  IMAS

You can find our latest edition of Big Splash below and the previous three editions of the year.

The new Christmas edition provides a look at NHS IMAS' plans for 2018-19, life on Assignment case studies, the latest Pool Member development information and we introduce a new Partner.

Please see our archives for earlier editions.

Latest News

Wednesday 20 December 2017
Big Splash edition 47

The new Christmas edition provides a look at NHS IMAS' plans for 2018-19, life on assignment case studies, the latest Pool Member development information and we introduce a new Partner!

This edition can be found...[more]

Tuesday 19 December 2017
NHS IMAS Corporate Brochure

We are pleased to publish our new electronic corporate brochure that provides a high level introduction to NHS IMAS and its services.  This provides a high level summary of how we support the NHS, the benefits for NHS...[more]

Wednesday 22 November 2017
Life on assignment: Jo Stephenson

NHS IMAS pool member, Jo Stephenson, discusses her experience on an NHS IMAS assignment.

Having worked in Communications within NHS England, the Department of Health and, before then, NHS Connecting for Health (as was), I...[more]