CNO Exceptional Leaders Network

Photograph of Ruth May, Chief Nursing Officer for England
Ruth May, CNO for England

NHS IMAS are proud to be supporting a new national network of Exceptional Leaders which provides a platform for Executive Nurses with a record of high professional achievement using their experience to support, mentor or coach senior Nursing colleagues.

It goes without saying that a strong, dedicated and talented nursing and midwifery workforce are vital within the NHS.  Earlier this year Ruth May, CNO for England and National Director at NHS England and NHS Improvement indicated the need to “recognise and value the contribution and potential of nursing and midwifery in the future of our NHS”.  Whilst it is recognised that the NHS is fortunate to have inspirational nurse leaders, with a talent pool aspiring to be Executive Nurses; there is recognition of the challenges of the role even for those experienced working at Executive level.  For those new into post there are challenges both to get to that first executive role and subsequently learning and developing within an operationally and politically challenging environment. 

The CNO Exceptional Leader Network aims to respond to these challenges and make those connections with senior nursing colleagues who are within a challenged organisation or who may themselves be facing professional issues.  It is sponsored by Hilary Garratt CBE, Deputy Chief Nurse for Professional and System Leadership, NHS England and NHS Improvement.

The aspiration is for the CNO Exceptional Leader Network to be made up of exemplary professional Chief Nurses who have made a significant contribution to their profession and can be called upon by trusts on a short-term assignment to provide support, coaching or mentorship to their Chief Nurse or Director of Nursing. This support package is aimed to enable the Chief Nurse Director of Nursing to maintain their post and professional reputation during a short term episode of challenge.

The talent pool of outstanding Chief Nurses will be pivotal to the success of the CNO Exceptional Leader Network and NHS IMAS is excited to be supporting this programme.

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