NHS IMAS offers National Health Service (NHS) organisations that need short or medium term support, the means to access the management expertise that exists throughout the NHS.

NHS IMAS Webinar – Reducing Long Stays

NHS IMAS regularly hold webinar sessions for its pool members. As of July 2017, recordings of these will be published here. See below for the latest Webinar:In this timely webinar, Liz Sargeant OBE, Clinical Lead Health and Social Care Integration and Pete Gordon, Senior Improvement Manager at the Emergency Care Intensive Support Team (ECIST), discussed national priorities for urgent and emergency care with a focus on reducing long stays.

This webinar aims to provide an insight into:

  • Understanding why reducing the number of people with long lengths of stay is important to patients, their loved ones and the system;
  • Understanding the balance of risks and what is ‘safe’;
  • Understanding what needs to happen to reduce long length of stay patients particularly a focus on that which is in control of the acute trust, so internal rather than focussing on external constraints;
  • Keeping the approach simple.

To view this Webinar, Click Here!

Please also find below links to were shared by Pete during the presentation:


Great presentation - ward based pharmacists: bit.ly/2CIcuYQ

EDD / CCD brief video: bit.ly/2P1pGxU