NHS IMAS offers National Health Service (NHS) organisations that need short or medium term support, the means to access the management expertise that exists throughout the NHS.

NHS Talent Management

NHS IMAS Focus in 2019-20

Our primary aims align with the NHS Long Term Plan commitments to do more to nurture the next generation of leaders, and systematically identify, develop and support future leaders of the NHS. What’s more, we continue to make strides in supporting our pool members to fulfil their potential, whilst responding to a period of intense change across the NHS in England. 

The focus for NHS IMAS in 2019-20 is to:

• Encourage and facilitate the NHS to use the wealth of skills already available, in order to improve and sustain the quality of health care services in the local communities they serve.

• Provide the support that is needed by the NHS, in a way that builds a sustainable legacy.

• Grow and develop NHS talent, working with NHS leadership development.

• Provide an alternative option to the private sector, whilst still recognising the need to access external skills when required.

Following the coming together of NHS England and NHS Improvement, NHS IMAS continues to be led by Janet Walter in her capacity of Director of System Capability and Operations (responsible for NHS IMAS) with the continued commitment to ensure we support the development of Talent Management Programmes. NHS IMAS remains hosted by NHS England and NHS Improvement to support all NHS organisations and NHS senior leaders in England.

Developing senior NHS leaders

In 2019-20, NHS IMAS will continue to work with NHS England and NHS Improvement to encourage all NHS organisations to use NHS IMAS as their first port of call for interim and consultancy support.

The value of investing in senior NHS leaders through ‘stretch’ assignments that develop their skills and experience has proved successful. The momentum of talent management programme growth will certainly be accelerated with us expanding our contribution to the development of our future healthcare leaders by working with NHS England and NHS Improvement:

NHS IMAS Partners will continue to provide their expertise and extensive leadership experience to help NHS pool members understand their development needs and how they can progress towards the higher leadership levels of the NHS.

NHS pool members at the heart of NHS IMAS

The emphasis on the development and rapid deployment of NHS IMAS pool members remain a pivotal part of our core business. NHS IMAS will continue to provide training and support to our NHS pool members using a range of tools such as webinars, Blended Learning courses, mentoring and coaching. In 2019-20, NHS IMAS Partners will also continue to carry out web-based events to talk about their experiences and challenges and give pool members information and tips to help them in their career progression within the NHS.

Keep an eye out on the NHS IMAS website for more details!

NHS IMAS’ feedback continues to be strong with 100% of our clients saying they would use NHS IMAS again. In 2019-20, we aim to continue to achieve this high level of satisfaction, and welcome your comments and suggestions to assist us with this.