With its focussed programme approach, in-house specialists and network of NHS and independent resources, NHS IMAS supports its NHS clients to meet a broad spectrum of challenges. Support is tailored to the needs of the client and can include elements of one or more of the following:

  • Interim capacity
  • Organisational renewal
  • Consultancy

As we are committed to growing and developing NHS talent, NHS IMAS will always prioritise using NHS pool members before opening the search to independent pool members. 

To discuss your organisation's requirements, please contact the NHS IMAS team at 0113 486 0132 and

Becoming an NHS IMAS Pool Member

We welcome expressions of interest from expert and experienced senior NHS staff at Agenda for Change Band 8d and above. At present, we are particularly keen to hear from individuals with strong operational, performance, financial or programme management experience.

Membership of the NHS IMAS pool will not be appropriate for all senior NHS professionals. In addition to having expertise in a specific field, individuals will need to be able to demonstrate that they have the right aptitudes for working on NHS IMAS assignments.

Being a pool member with NHS IMAS does not guarantee that you will be found work or you will be placed on an assignment. Our service is demand led and we do not send out pool members CVs speculatively to the NHS.

Please click here for more information on how to apply to become a pool member and for access to the application forms. If you would like to discuss becoming a Pool member with one of our Programme Managers, please contact the NHS IMAS team at 0113 486 0132 or

Interim Chair & Non-Executive Director Pool

We are looking for exceptional candidates who have experience of taking a leadership role on the board of a health organisation, where non-executives and executives perform different roles but share corporate responsibility.

Please click here for more information on how to apply to join the Chair and Non-Executive Director Pool and for access to the application forms. If you would like to discuss becoming a Pool member with one of our Programme Managers, please contact the NHS IMAS team at 0113 486 0132 or


NHS IMAS welcomes applications from all those working in the NHS at Agenda for Change (AfC) band 8d and above. We also accept applications from independent contractors with recent senior level experience within the NHS. If you are interested in applying, please send us an up to date CV along with the appropriate completed application form to Application forms can be found below:

Click here for the application form for NHS applicants - Please note that NHS applicants need three references from current Senior NHS leaders.

Click here for the application form for Independent applicants - Please note that Independent applicants need three references from current Senior NHS leaders plus one other further reference.

Yes, all applicants need to demonstrate that they have recent experience of working in the NHS at AfC band 8d or above.

You will be able to join NHS IMAS as an independent applicant. You need to confirm that your contract does not prevent you from working in the NHS for a period of time after leaving.

Yes, we accept applicants from independents who have extensive experience of working in the NHS at band 8d or above.

Due to the sensitivity of the enquiries we receive we do not advertise available assignments. We will contact pool members with available assignments that are appropriate to their skills and experience.

We receive requests for interim support from all areas across the NHS and we carefully match the client requirements to pool member’s skills, experience and strengths. We use the information provided during the registration process to identify suitable candidates and we contact the pool member to discuss an assignment opportunity with them before we forward any information to the client. 

Every assignment is allocated an NHS IMAS Partner who, where appropriate, will take responsibility for managing and coaching the assignment team. There is also the opportunity of having an NHS IMAS Partner as a mentor during your assignment. The core team is on hand to support the pool member through regular contact to assist with any issues and queries they may have. 

As an NHS pool member – your substantive employer will continue to pay your salary. They will then invoice the receiving organisation to cover the time the pool member spends on assignment. 

Any NHS individual working on an NHS IMAS assignment is able to receive a 10% uplift on their salary for the time that they spend on assignment. The uplift is paid by the client organisation to recognise that when an NHS pool member is on assignment they have offered their services to support other parts of the NHS and are likely to be taking on extra responsibility and travel. This uplift was agreed when NHS IMAS was formed in 2008 and is ultimately, paid at the client’s discretion.

As an independent pool member – you will invoice the receiving organisation directly.

All contracts or secondment agreements will be held between the pool member's host organisation and the client organisation.